Fundamentals of the IoT: What is Driving Next-Generation Products?

By Craig Bandes, President & CEO | Pixelligent

The early adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is proof that a completely connected universe will be a reality in the not so distant future. Soon enough, our garage door opener will communicate with the lights inside our homes and our coffee makers will be linked to our iPhone alarms. Everything will be controlled from the devices in our pockets and the wearables on our wrists.  MORE

Will US Made LED Fixtures Ever Cost Less than Chinese Imports?

By Charlie Szoradi | Independence LED Lighting

The answer is YES. Today, some US LED manufacturers have already “cracked the code” on beating the Chinese at price, while maintaining high quality. This may be surprising to many business owners, energy advisors and lighting professionals. In a presidential election year, candidates on both sides of the aisle have spoken about the benefits of increasing US manufacturing and the resulting job creation. MORE

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