Health Benefits of LED Lighting Contribute to Quality Senior Assisted Living at BioStar Lighting’s Project The Piper

Research has shown that LED lighting has positive effects on health including reducing headaches, nausea, Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, mood disorders, stress, vision loss and eye disorders. In addition to the energy savings, the health benefits make LEDs the ideal choice for healthcare and senior living facilities. MORE

LEDS, Light, Smoke and Sound

Giles Humpston, Applications Manager
Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs and tungsten filament bulbs have two things in common. First, they convert electricity into light.  While neither technology is particularly good at this task, LEDs do at least manage to achieve around 40 percent electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency compared with about 5 percent for a traditional Edison light. In both cases the energy wasted appears as heat. Filament bulbs shed the heat by radiation and convection, while for LEDs the heat is removed by conduction through to a heat sink. MORE

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