Big Will not be Bad, but Will be Necessary in IoT

David L. Bay, LC
OSRAM Americas

ďIntelligent energy is all about managing energy more efficiently than ever before. Demand for energy keeps growing worldwide, and the use of it must become more sustainable. At the same time there is a growing need for an expansion and modernization of the existing energy infrastructure. This will require a systematic optimization of the energy system, and todayís power grids will gradually transform into interactive, transparent and environment-friendly smart grids, often interconnecting regions, countries or even continents.Ē† MORE

Six Biggest LED Lighting Myths

Arthur Smith, LEDwatcher.com

Light emitting diodes or LEDs for short are quickly gaining popularity, because right now many companies are offering huge variety of LED products. But just like with any new product, LED lighting also has to deal with judgment and concerns from the consumers, who donít believe, that these lights could be as efficient as their manufacturers claim them to be. So letís look as some of these worries and find out, why they are just myths. MORE

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