LEDs Under the Thumb

Dr Giles Humpston, Applications Manager
Cambridge Nanotherm†

LEDs do two things really well. They emit light and heat, in roughly equal measures. The light is generally useful, the heat less so. Heat and LEDs do not make good bedfellows so when designing a solidstate light source, as much care needs to be taken in removing the heat as managing the photons. MORE

The Lighting Industry Today, Tomorrow and Beyond, an Interview with LIA President, Peter Scott

What would be your prediction for lighting in 10 yearsí time?
Majority of commercial members wonít be supplying commodity type luminaires but in order to prosper will need to adapt to the need for more specialist products or add value through other features. Only recently we had a dinner for Past Presidents of the association and we discussed LiFi, data driving the industry, smart cities, leaving the EU and a new dawn in global politics. Many of the companies such as Google did not even exist when some of the past presidents were in office and it was a conversation only five years ago we would we never have expected to be holding. MORE

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