400W LED Grow Light Can Replace A 1000W HPS…True or False?

The Extraordinary Importance of Beam Angle and PPFD Uniformity
By Ed Rodriguez | CEO | OptoThermal Technologies, Inc.

In the horticultural lighting industry, there is a common assumption, frequently reflected in product promotional claims, that just about any 2017 model of a 400W LED grow light can do the job of a 1000-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixture and therefore offer a dramatic energy saving. Not so fast. MORE

Designing More Aesthetic Emergency Lighting Systems

Meeting code requirements for emergency lighting with modern, stylish lighting fixtures

Emergency lighting is mandated by the NFPA and International Building Code (IBC) to ensure sufficient light along the path of egress in the event of a power outage or other emergency.  Although this is typically the domain of electrical engineers, many lighting designers and architects prefer to meet these requirements with aesthetic solutions that fit into the building’s overall design. MORE

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