The Cheese Sandwich and Chip on Heat Sink Technology

By Giles Humpston, Applications Manager | Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs share two common attributes with most other electronic components. First, they produce heat. Secondly, they do not like getting too hot because excess heat degrades performance and causes premature failure. A notable exception to the ‘heat-is-bad’ rule is thermoelectric coolers but to discuss these components requires entering a philosophical debate about “what is temperature?”, “do we need it?” and “how will it vote in the next election?”. MORE

Advancing Light through Independence

By Jes Munk Hansen, CEO | LEDVANCE 

Independence.  This word has special value in the United States this month with the Fourth of July celebrating the nation’s independence from Great Britain in 1776.   It has also significant meaning in the lighting industry.  Many major lighting companies, including OSRAM, are separating their lamps organizations to concentrate on other strategic initiatives.  Like “the shot heard around the world” with the start of the American Revolutionary War changing the global landscape forever, this obviously has created a ripple effect of change for the LED industry.  MORE

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