Accelerating Advanced Digital Lighting Through a Controls Ecosystem

Kiran Laxman, Senior Manager, Strategy Development

The LED evolution is driving a host of new advanced digital lighting applications from high CRI, tunable white to the emerging area of Human Centric Lighting (HCL). While we are still in the early stages of HCL, we are seeing signs of early adoption as color control and task tuning emerge as specification requirements especially in areas such as healthcare, education, and retail. More research is coming out, and we are already anticipating significant demand for this type of lighting, to enhance user experiences in spaces where people live, learn, work and heal. MORE

The LEDs They Are a-Changiní

Dr Giles Humpston, Applications Manager
Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs have been around a surprisingly long time. Science project curiosities appeared in the swinging 60′s, and then a decade later the first mass-produced and affordable devices became commercially available. Monochrome LEDs are now manufactured in wavelengths that span the deep UV to far infrared, and the power of white LEDs is beginning to resemble an artificial sun. These accomplishments have been achieved by impressive innovations in LED semiconductor physics and optics. MORE

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