Three Ways to Drive LEDs in an Increasingly Colorful World

Paul Golata, Mouser Electronics

In the era of low-power LEDs – when these electroluminescent chips could deliver little more than the glimmer from a glow worm – red LEDs dominated. We used them as status indicators in electrical and electronic equipment, sometimes employing a string of them to indicate relative levels. As materials science and the design LEDs and their substrates progressed, we found ways to create different color LEDs, to dissipate heat from the chips more effectively and to drive the devices to ever-higher power levels. MORE

Promoting Adhesion of Conformable Coatings to Multi-Component PCBs

Jeff Elliott, Technical Writer

Exposure to water, dust, oil, chemicals, movement and extreme temperature changes can damage circuitry.  This problem is exacerbated for multi-component printed circuit boards (PCBs) found in outdoor devices that must withstand a wide range of weather conditions for decades with little or no degradation in performance. Vulnerable devices include environmental sensors, broadcast equipment, power supplies, billboards/signs, automotive components, solar panels and outdoor lighting. MORE

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