Digital LED Driver ICs from Infineon with Flicker Free Control and Low Stand-by Power

Infin-XDPL8220_XDPModern LED technology offers many advanced possibilities for lighting applications. With the XDPL8220, Infineon Technologies AG extends its†product portfolio of digital and configurable LED driver ICs. The IC enables the lighting industry to realize essential features for†smart lighting†and increases the benefits for both, end user and manufacturers. The primary side control of this device saves extra components, reducing cost on the one hand and increasing reliability on the other.

The XDPL8220 offers a modern two stage architecture, significantly easing the implementation of up and coming flicker standards. This was made possible by eliminating the low frequency variation from the mains supply and guaranteeing a stable output. Aiming at high energy efficiency, the low stand-by power facilitates permanent operation of the Electronic Control Gear (ECG). With a stand-by power of less than 70 mW, the XDPL8220 reduces power consumption in the non-active mode while still reacting to external events or user requests.

The digital core of the XDPL8220 enables a variety of systems based on the same device. Its advanced control algorithms provide the possibility to realize lighting for constant current or constant voltage mode in the same circuit. The power limitation mode keeps the light on while it optimally utilizes the capabilities of the components. Infineonís LED driver provides a comprehensive set of parameters for adjusting the operating constraints. Thus, it can easily be adapted to the target application. With its integrated functionality the XDPL8220 enables an increase of the feature set without external parts.

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