LED Platform Transforms LED Performance & Pricing Possibilities

Cree, Inc. has released the Cree XLamp XT-E White LED, which delivers twice the lumens-per-dollar of other LEDs and features the highest performance and efficacy in the industry. Based on a new silicon carbide technology platform, the XT-E LED and the recently released XB-D LED represent a dramatic transformation in LED price-performance. Crees revolutionary new platform addresses the largest obstacle to mass LED lighting adoption, initial cost, and enables LED lighting systems to replace their inefficient ancestors.

Cree has a history of delivering excellent LED solutions and the XLamp XT-E LED has exceeded our expectations, said Fritz Morgan, chief product officer, Digital Lumens, Inc. We are committed to building the most energy-efficient industrial lighting systems and the XT-E LED enables us to do just that with high lumens per watt. The result is an intelligent LED-based lighting system that is driving widespread adoption of LEDs in industrial facilities, with compelling performance and end-user payback.

The XT-E LED more than doubles the lumens per watt of the XLamp XP-E LED family providing up to 148 LPW at 85C (or up to 162 LPW at 25C) at 350 mA. The XT-E LED delivers exceptional performance in the popular 3.45 mm by 3.45 mm XP footprint and can be used for almost all lighting applications. By leveraging the XP footprint, customers can easily incorporate the XT-E LED in existing XP LED designs to shorten the LED fixture design cycle and improve customer time-to-market.

Additionally, since the XT-E White LED is a successor product to XP-E High Efficiency LED, the application for Energy Star qualification requires 3,000 hours of XTE LED LM-80 data, instead of the normal 6,000 hours.

The XT-E White LED delivers up to 148 lumens and 148 lumens per watt in cool white (6,000 K) or up to 114 lumens and 114 lumens per watt in warm white (3,000 K), both at 350 mA, 85C.

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