September 20, 2016

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LEDS, Light, Smoke and Sound

Giles Humpston, Applications Manager, Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs and tungsten filament bulbs have two things in common. First, they convert electricity into light.  While neither technology is particularly good at this task, LEDs do at least manage to achieve around 40 percent electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency compared with about 5 percent for a traditional Edison light. In both cases the energy wasted appears as heat. Filament bulbs shed the heat by radiation and convection, while for LEDs the heat is removed by conduction through to a heat sink. <read more>



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Mean Well Teams-up with LEDSupply

Mean Well Enterprises, a reputable power supply manufacture based out of Taiwan, has partnered with LEDSupply to distribute LED drivers and power-supplies. LEDSupply now has access to all of Mean Well's inventory and can get out-of-stock items very quickly. Their trained technical support staff, low prices and fast shipping make it easier than ever to find and receive a quality Mean Well power solution for your next LED project. Visit or Call 802-728-6031 to learn more.

  New Products

14.7W LED Drivers from GlacialPower Offer Great Choice of Dimming Options
GlacialPower has launched the GP-HS15P-42C and GP-HS15P-42CA, a new pair of LED Drivers that offer users a wide choice of dimming functions, a built-in DC output jack connector for easy installation and maintenance, and a rated power output of up to 14.7 W suitable for LED lights from 26 V to 42 V. <read more>


Cree Offers New Line of Better LED Bulbs
Cree, Inc. has announced a completely new portfolio of next generation LED bulbs aimed at delivering better light experiences for consumers.  <read more>


Ophir Photonics Announces FluxGage, a Compact, All-in-One LED Luminaire Measurement System
Ophir Photonics Group has announced the FluxGage, a compact, all-in-one LED luminaire measurement system. <read more>


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  Industry News

Merck KGaA Opens OLED Materials Production Plant in Darmstadt

Merck KGaA has opened its new production plant for OLED materials in Darmstadt, Germany. After a 14-month construction period, high-purity OLED materials for use in state-of-the-art displays and lighting systems are being produced in the approximately 3,600 square meter building. <read more>


Eaton and CIMCON Lighting Collaborate to Bring Connected, Smart City Solutions to the Market
Power management company Eaton has announced a collaboration with CIMCON Lighting, Inc., a leader in intelligent, web-based wireless outdoor lighting management systems. The collaboration combines Eaton’s broad range of outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires with CIMCON’s intelligent, wireless controls, sensors and software to bring powerful connected lighting solutions for smart cities. <read more>


NYPI Aiming to Innovate in High-Value LED Applications, from Lighting Hazardous Location to Treating Dementia
These days, LEDs are increasingly being used as replacements for traditional lamps and other electronic appliances. This makes sense, since lighting in general is responsible for up to 20 percent of the world's electricity consumption.<read more>


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Event Listings

IoT West Conference Program Announced

The Internet of Things West conference has announced its final conference program. The event will host an array of IoT experts from companies such as Google, Oracle, Intel, PTC, Ingenu, and many more. This event provides a forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements in M2M, connectivity/telemetry, machine intelligence, and the IoT industry.


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InterLumi Panama

InterLumi Panama, the global lighting trade show organized by America Expo Group, will be held at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama from 29 June to 1 July, 2017. Serving the Latin American & the Caribbean countries, InterLumi Panama is positioned to be an effective tool to stimulate the development of the region’s lighting industry as well as provide a gateway for exhibitors to tap into this emerging market.





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