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Protomold Design Tips | 12 Essentials for Moldability

Ten years ago, Proto Labs began publishing Protomold Design Tips to help product developers create better injection-molded plastic parts. They’ve covered materials, texture, draft, sink and many other design considerations. More than 100 tips later, Proto Labs remain steadfast in their effort to continue informing designers and engineers in all areas of injection-molded part design. As a resource, they’ve gathered some of the most useful manufacturing advice from the past decade in a collection of essential tips.

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AIXTRON Sees “Green” Route to Reduced Manufacturing Costs

To make LEDs a truly “green” product, the MOCVD process must be as resource-efficient as possible. With its latest CRIUS II-XL reactors, AIXTRON demonstrates a way to achieve this target, providing substantial manufacturing cost benefits on top. Key to this is a scaleup of the CRIUS II reactor chamber, a sophisticated optimization of the inner reactor geometry and a unique high growth rate process.

White Paper by AIXTRON

A Critical Advance in MR16 LED Lamps

The Holy Grail of lighting is a man-made light source that has superior energy efficiency, long life, good lumen maintenance, wide temperature starting and operating range, instant starting without life degradation, full range dimming, excellent color, low- to-moderate cost, and is capable of being a “point source.” All conventional lamps fail substantially in one or more of these fundamental criteria.

The recent commercialization of GaN on GaN technology is a significant breakthrough in energy density, allowing 5-10 times more lumens to be generated per unit volume. The primary benefit is smaller LED emitter size, which in turn reduces the size of directional lamps and results in point source-like behavior. Another important benefit is greater heat tolerance, enabling the dense lumen package to operate more readily in a compact package and in enclosed fixtures.

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A Systems Approach to Solid State Lighting

This white paper provides lighting manufacturers with an overview of the elements involved in the design of SSL fixtures and describes the innovations of the TE Connectivity NEVALO system and the integrated approach it brings to SSL design. The transition from incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixtures to solid state lighting (SSL) presents lighting manufacturers with both a significant opportunity for growth and a daunting array of new engineering and design issues. The emergence of high-brightness (HB) LEDs has accelerated the conversion to SSL fixtures and will eventually overtake the use of compact fluorescent bulbs as the preferred energy-efficient light source.

White Paper by TE Connectivity

Understanding Power LED Lifetime Analysis

This white paper provides lighting designers with an understanding of a new tool introduced by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company that simplifies the process allowing full flexibility in design options. This one tool provides designers with information that they need to make decisions about product lifetimes, driver constraints, number of LEDs required, and thermal management. When designing LED-based lighting systems, engineers need to understand LED lumen maintenance and mortality in similar terms to those used when designing with conventional light sources. However, comparable data has been nearly impossible to find. In addition, designers need extra information to predict the lifetime of LEDs under a variety of operating conditions. A number of techniques to predict LED lifetimes have been proposed, but these have not been sufficient to generate the clear and unambiguous data that lighting engineers can use easily.

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