Aleddra Introduces G5 SureFit DBA LED Tube

Aleddra LED Lighting G5 LED TubeAleddra has announced the availability of its fifth generation G5 SureFit DBA LED tube. It is the first dual-mode LED tube lamp that meets UL OOLV (Type A/Type B) safety standards (UL #479597) for direct-fit operation with a ballast and direct-wire operation on line voltage.  The lamp also meets UL IFAR safety standards for troffer retrofit applications (UL #E325073).

According to Dr. John Hsia, VP Engineering of Aleddra, “There are a number of dual-mode LED tubes categorized as UL OOLV (Type A/Type B) on the market.  Although they can be operated with ballast and line voltage, most people don’t realize that UL OOLV only certifies these lamps for direct replacement without fixture modification.  They do not meet the UL IFAR safety standards for fixture retrofit on line voltage, because they have an electric shock hazard.  This hidden liability is not acceptable to us and could be very costly to end users.  We believe that the Aleddra G5 LED tube is the first and only dual-mode LED tube to satisfy both UL OOLV and IFAR safety standards.  We take great pride in designing our products with our customers’ safety in mind.”

Maintenance personnel can now easily insert a G5 SureFit tube in a fixture just like they would do for an ordinary T8 fluorescent.  When the ballast fails, electricians can come in (at a convenient time) and remove the ballast and rewire the sockets for more energy savings.  This process incurs no additional retrofit labor costs versus regular T8 maintenance, making the G5 tube the most cost-effective choice for T8/T12 upgrade.

Matthew Maa, VP Sales & Marketing of Aleddra, states “Aleddra SureFit DBA LED tube has been very popular with schools, universities, and government entities because it meets the top three criteria for their energy efficient lighting upgrades: safety, ease of installation, and zero additional maintenance cost.  We believe more organizations can take the advantages of our G5 SureFit tube for their lighting needs.”

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