HBLC LED Lights Bridge Crane

Nov8_HubbellHubbell Lighting has introduced the HBLC LED—an energy-efficient lighting solution for bridge crane applications. Specifically designed for heavy industrial bridge cranes, the HBLC LED provides controlled and evenly distributed light below the cranes for superior safety and visibility.

Requiring 169 watts of input power, the fixture can be powered with either DC power (170v through 390v) or AC power (120v through 277v). The high performance LEDs deliver up to 16,808 lumens with an efficacy of 99 lumens per watt and custom engineered optics for perfectly dispensed illumination.

Offering a yoke mount for strength and mounting flexibility, the HBLC LED can be installed at both zero and 90° hanging orientations and features a hinged housing for easy servicing. Vibration tested at 3G in 3 Axis for 100,000 cycles, the LED source is resistant to vibration and the fixture’s rugged die cast construction means it will stand up to the most demanding conditions. The HBLC LED is also completely sealed and is wet location rated.

For more information on Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s HBLC LED, please visit: http://www.hubbellindustrial.com

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