LED Flood Light Knock Down Kit for 60 to 80 Watt LEDs

Feb25_Igloo_SS60GlacialTech has announced a new LED flood light knock down kit for 60 to 80 watt LEDs. The kit features a thermally efficient heatsink with thermal resistance of 0.59°C/W, a housing for the light, and a mounting bracket with 129° adjustability. A protective glass lens is available for CoB LEDs and a waterproof LED cover is available for outdoor applications. Users need to simply install the LED lighting modules of their choice with an appropriate LED driver and they can easily build a 60 to 80 watt energy efficient LED flood light.

Though just over 17 cm square and 5.9 cm high, the Igloo SS60 has a thermal resistance of 0.59°C/W allowing it to effectively cool LEDs of 60 to 80 watts. With mainstream LEDs offering performance of 100 lumen per watt or better, customers can use the Igloo SS60 SKD kit to construct LED floodlights with performance comparable to 200 to 300 watt metal halide fixtures while using much less energy.

The Igloo SS60 lets you create a custom luminaire meeting your unique requirements. Choose the CoB, or MCPCB LED lighting modules that you want with the lighting characteristics and drivers that fit your application. A glass lens is available to protect LED lighting modules. The kit has a waterproof LED cover available for outdoor lighting applications.

The Igloo SS60 comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket that can be adjusted a versatile 129° and is also available in double or triple unit configurations, which can be adjusted even further to 139°. Each unit can be individually adjusted. This allows for up to 240 watts of compact yet energy efficient LED lighting to be arranged in a triple unit array for outdoor lighting.

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