Igloo SR250HP-3 and Igloo SR350HP-3: GlacialTech’s new Heat Pipe Heatsinks

Glacier-IglooGlacialTech has released two efficient new heat pipe-equipped heat sinks suitable for high wattage LED bay light applications from 200 W to 350 W: the Igloo SR250HP-3 and the Igloo SR350HP-3.

These lightweight aluminum heat sinks are manufactured using a stamping process which allows them to achieve superb thermal performance of 0.1125 °C/W thermal resistance for the Igloo SR350HP-3, and 0.1663 °C/W for the Igloo SR250HP-3. Their design, enhanced with integral heat pipes, achieves significantly better thermal efficiency than standard heat sinks.

GlacialTech’s efficient and accurate stamping and bonding manufacturing process results in heat sinks that can provide high performance cooling at a very cost effective price, by maximizing surface area while still maintaining a light weight and structural strength.

Thanks to their thermal and weight characteristics, these efficient heat sinks are well suited for bay light applications up to 200-250 W (SR250HP-3) or 300-350 W (SR350HP-3). Compared to less sophisticated products, these new hea tsinks can cut energy costs by keeping temperatures low to enhance LED efficiency, reduce heat pollution, and, in the long term, prolong LED and driver life by safely removing harmful thermal energy that gradually damages components. In addition, the attractive, durable silver finish and anode surface treatment also help assure a long and trouble-free life for these products.

The heat pipe cooling incorporated in the Igloo SR250HP-3 and Igloo SR350HP-3 models helps to more efficiently cool the small surface area of CoB LEDs. The heat pipes situated in the base of the heat sink efficiently absorb the heat generated by the LED, and carry that heat up and away from the thermally-sensitive LED module, and finally dissipate and radiate the unwanted thermal energy into the surrounding air.

Heat pipes are a totally self-contained cooling system that does not require any maintenance. For ease of use, the location of the heat pipes is marked on the base of the heat sink to help users avoid them while installing lenses or other accessories, in order to prevent damage or localized hot spots.

In addition, GlacialTech also offers a bay light knock down kit that incorporates these new heatsinks. This set of easy-to-assemble bay light components includes a power box for housing the LED driver, plus a bracket and lampshade. This semi-knock-down kit (SKD) allows lighting system integrators to easily assemble a custom lighting solution that makes best use of the LED modules and drivers of their choice.

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