New LED Flood Light Knock Down Kit for 80 to 100 Watt LEDs

June3_GlacialTechGlacialTech has announced a new LED Flood Light Knock Down Kit for 80W to 100W LEDs. The Igloo SS80 is sold as either a thermally efficient heatsink or Semi-Knocked Down Kit (SKD) package including heatsink, mounting bracket, reflector, and a waterproof glass cover or CoB Lens.

With thermal resistance of 0.9161°C/W customers can easily create powerful and efficient LED lighting. The IP66 rated kit is rugged enough for outdoor lighting applications and features a 180° adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket for ease of installation. For higher power lighting needs, double and triple unit configurations suitable for lighting tower installation are also available.

The Igloo SS80 is designed for thermal performance with 0.9161°C/W and is suitable for 80W to 100W CoB or MCPCB LEDs. While Metal Halide bulbs generate light in all directions, wasting energy, LED modules are surface emitters which project light in the target direction. In conjunction with today’s 100 lumen/W + LED modules, users can create LED flood lights suitable to replace 300W to 400W Metal Halide lighting.

With an IP66 rugged design, LED flood lights built with the Igloo SS80 SKD kit are dustproof and waterproof against extreme weather and strong jets of water. Along with its 180° adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket, users can create lighting for the harshest indoor or outdoor environments.

Besides the standard single unit kit, double and triple unit kits are available. These feature dual or triple mount brackets suitable for lighting towers to create up to 300W of LED lighting power.
For more information about the Igloo SS80, please visit http://www.glaciallight.com/products/SKD-package-Igloo-SS80.htm.

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