SCS Energy Solutions Announces Patent Pending for Bulletproof LED Housing

SCS Energy Solutions BallisticLightSCS Lighting Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCS Energy Solutions, announces its patent pending for an LED ballistic light lens and housing.

The lens is constructed of bullet resistant acrylic/polycarbonate/hybrid and has a flexural strength of 13,500 PSI, and 14 ft-lbs/inch in IZOD impact strength (or 68 times the pressure when one bites into a steak).

This is specified as a bullet resistance of up to 550 ft-lbs of energy, repelling a handgun load up to and including a .357 magnum. The housing is made from Level IV 500 ballistic steel.

SCS manufactured these ballistic lights in response to specific customer request for secure, bulletproof lights in a high crime area. The current model in production withstands up to a .357, but can be installed with a different lens to endure more ft-lbs. of force if required.

Ballistic Light withstands a SUV stopped directly atop the lens; results in no effect on the light or the special epoxy coating on the light.

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