TE Connectivity Introduces ALCOSWITCH Illuminated Tactile Switches for a Durable Switching Solution

TECPR097b (1)TE Connectivity is launching the ALCOSWITCH illuminated tactile switch series, designed for easy operation and reliability in a variety of board-mounted applications. Each tactile switch includes an LED indicator in one of eight different color options, in a low or high intensity version. They are designed to last for up to 500,000 cycles.

In addition, TE offers the translucent caps in two different styles, round and square, and in five different colors corresponding with the LED color. The caps enhance the size of the illumination and offer an easy type of actuation of the existing switch.

Applications for the ALCOSWITCH include industrial equipment, building automation, HVAC equipment, instrumentation, and communication and control equipment. The tactile switches provide flexibility with their range of actuator forces, colors and LED light intensities. Reflow and wave solder-compatible designs save time during board assembly.

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