Fulham Launches LumoSeries 150W LED Driver

Fulham12 LED driver highresFulham, the lighting components and electronics specialists, has launched a 150W LumoSeries LED driver.

Designed for 230V higher output luminaires such as high bays used in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the new 150W LumoSeries LED driver like others in the LumoSeries range, features the lowest in-rush current in the industry which means that more drivers and luminaires can be operated on a single circuit, thus reducing the cost of installation with fewer circuit panels and less wire to run.

The lightweight plastic-cased LED driver has compact dimensions of just 212 x 76 x 46mm for easy fit within luminaires. Its high specification includes a wide range of current settings from 700mA to 4A; output voltage 24 to 60V DC; and has 0 to 10V dimming which can be set for dimming to off at 1V.  It also features thermal overload protection with internal or external NTC and there is a 12V fan power output also controlled by an NTC temperature sensor.

As with all LumoSeries drivers from Fulham, the 150W LumoSeries LED driver comes with a five year warranty so that the power supply matches the reliability of typical LED lifetimes of 50,000 hours.

Mark Needham, Fulham’s European Vice President for Sales commented, “This latest addition to our range of high specification drivers enables our customers to take all the benefits of a Fulham LumoSeries driver into their higher lumen package luminaires. This higher power LED driver carries the long-life technology of all Fulham products, increasing the portfolio of high performance, highly reliable and worry free LED drivers to our customers.”

The engineering of Fulham LumoSeries LED drivers is second to none.  All LumoSeries drivers are built on core engineering design principles for exceptional standards of performance and reliability in LED systems.  Highest grade critical components together with design features for thermal management ensure excellent reliability.  Low ripple designs create flicker-free lighting and perfectly smooth dimming.  Simplicity of specification and installation is a key feature of all Fulham LumoSeries drivers which have wide voltage and current ranges as well as industry leading low in-rush current.  As a result, the LumoSeries drivers have future-proof flexibility with their changeable voltage and current settings enabling seamless support of future LED generations and at the same time minimising supply chain complexities.

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