Nedap Launches Luxon IoT Node

Nedap Luxon IoT NodeNedap has introduced the Luxon IoT Node. The Luxon IoT Node is especially designed to accelerate the market adoption of connected lighting.

The Luxon IoT Node features a brand independent solution to create connected and wirelessly controllable LED fixtures. The node differentiates from other products on the market by its ease of integration and extended functionality, such as performance monitoring and remote diagnostics of LED fixtures.The Luxon IoT node complies with all major LED driver interfaces including Philips Xitanium SR.

“We expect the lighting market to embrace connected lighting much faster, now that the technology has matured and is becoming more widely available at very viable cost-benefit ratios,” said Jeroen Somsen, Managing Director at Nedap Light Controls.”This applies in particular to commercial and industrial multi-site facilities, for which the operational costs of lighting can be relatively high. Especially in this area, connected lighting offers great opportunities to lower the total cost of ownership during system lifetime.”

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