Cree Introduces Bright, Efficient Horticulture LEDs

CreeXLamp_XP-E_PhotoRed_HRCree announces the new XLamp XQ-E and XP-E high efficiency photo red LEDs optimized for horticulture. They deliver up to 21 percent higher output than previous generations, enabling horticulture lighting manufacturers to deliver higher performance products, reduce luminaire size and lower system cost.

“The XQ-E family provides a unique combination of ultra-compact package, high output and wide range of horticulture-optimized colors,” said Michael Naish, director, Rusalox. “Using XQ-E LEDs with our unique AlumOxide technology, our customers can create luminaires that use half the power of conventional luminaires, as well as being smaller and weighing less than incumbent technologies. This will enable customers to quickly reduce the power consumption of their current design even further for faster payback periods.”

It is the first LED to break the 1 watt radiant flux barrier at 85 degrees Celsius with twice the photosynthetic photon flux density and higher output than all other available LEDs,” said Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs. “Our technology enables customers to create high performance, long-life luminaires that drive the adoption of LEDs in this emerging application.”

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