Keystone Expands and Enhances Its Line of SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Solutions

Keystone SmartSafeKeystone Technologies has expanded its line of SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Lighting products to include a wide range of new constant power one-piece models.  Keystone’s SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Lighting products are easy-to-install solutions which enable the incorporation of emergency lighting capabilities into a broad range of direct-wire LED tube, fluorescent, and standard LED fixtures.  As the newest additions to the SmartSafe family, Keystone’s one-piece models now offer an appealing new form factor which enable the professional lighting market to meet a broader range of application needs than ever before.

Available in both 5 Watt or 12 Watt versions, Keystone’s new one-piece SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Lighting solutions house the company’s two-piece design in a convenient single case.  The one-piece models are available in three different case designs – ‘standard side exit,’ ‘dual flex’ (which supports the remote mounting of downlights and other remote-mounted systems), and ‘rear junction-single flex’ (which enables the unit to be mounted to a junction box or otherwise exterior to a fixture).

While Keystone’s original two-piece products featured a 12-41 volt range, both its one- and two-piece SmartSafe LED Emergency Back-up Lighting designs now feature an improved range of 20-54 volts, which covers a wider variety of commonly-used modules in today’s dynamic market.  In addition, all designs across the entire SmartSafe line represent a constant power solution in that the internal driver will adjust to the application and reliably deliver either 5 or 12 watts of power to the LED load; this important design feature enhances ease of installation while minimizing stocking requirements and also enables the easy and accurate calculation of light output.

“We’re excited to introduce enhancements to the two-piece models within our SmartSafe line as well as the addition of a brand new family of one-piece versions, which will offer the market greater design flexibility and mounting options than ever before,” said Andrew Joseph, Keystone’s vice president of OEM Sales.  “Emergency lighting is an important safety consideration and, as a longtime industry leader and innovator, Keystone is proud to offer users an even broader line of proven, easy-to-install, and competitively-priced solutions that fully deliver on our promise of ‘Light Made Easy.’”

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