LED Horticultural Lighting Grows Up with GOLDENi

GOLDENi - vertical racking 002 - highresSmart Grow Systems has announced the availability of the newest member of its commercial vertical farming system, the GOLDENi LED grow light series for propagation and flower. GOLDENi represents a breakthrough in LED grow light technology, surpassing all other horticultural grow lights including currently available commercial LEDs, high pressure sodium (HPS) and high intensity discharge (HID). GOLDENi grow lights produce biomass of exceptional quality crops with substantially improved pound-per-light yields, the most efficient use of space and greatest reduction in power. Key components of Smart Grow’s vertical farming system, GOLDENi for flower and GOLDENix™ for cloning and propagation cut cycle times in vertical farming almost in half. This reduction allows grow operations to easily and affordably scale canopy size and harvests per year, producing 500 percent or more crop inside the same space for some Smart Grow customers.

“Smart Grow Systems’ mission is to drive out waste from commercial horticulture,” said Darrin Dow, founder and CEO of Smart Grow Systems. “Smart Grow believes the future of many commercial crops will be vertical farming in a sea of green application, and we are focused on building a comprehensive vertical farming system to maximize biomass production in the available space of any commercial indoor grow operation. Smart Grow has started with ultra-efficient lighting, digital controls and consulting services that help growers understand the biomass potential of their grow spaces: how much sellable, high-quality crop can be grown in a space when the grow area is stacked up to the ceiling.”

At 2 feet by 4 feet, GOLDENi may be the widest grow light on the market, but at 1 inch it’s also the thinnest, maximizing vertical rack space. GOLDENi uses nearly 2000 LED chips to produce an even spray of light with enough intensity to ensure deep canopy penetration for flowering. The GOLDENi light series uses Smart Grow’s new Golden Glow Spectrum™, which was perfected in grow operations to produce dense, resin-rich crops with exceptional terpenes and trichomes. The GOLDENix, using the Baby Blue Spectrum™ tailored for cloning and propagation, uses less than half the LED chips and needs as little as one-sixth the power to create state-of-the-art propagation. GOLDENi lights also include accessory ports so that growers can add spectrum-enhancing modules at certain times in the grow cycle, such as adding red to the final weeks of the flower stage.

“By switching to vertical farming with Smart Grow’s new GOLDENi lights, Deschutes Growery has been able to increase our yields by at least 400 percent per harvest inside the same space, and have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 50 percent,” said Dylan Mcmahon, engineer at Deschutes Growery in Bend, Ore.  “Deschutes Growery has been looking to retrofit our inefficient high intensity HPS lighting for a while but haven’t been able to find the right LEDs that maintain our standard of quality until we found GOLDENi. Smart Grow LED grow lights, in conjunction with our vertical farming system, make best use of our grower’s producer license by allowing us to maximize our canopy size without adding real estate.”

Although GOLDENi delivers the same light intensity as HPS and HID lighting systems, it does so with only a fraction of the heat, allowing light panels to hang within inches of canopies, greatly improving photosynthesis and biomass per watt. The wide luminaire set in a lightweight frame generates widespread powerful photon energy, penetrating the entire canopy with light at optimal wavelengths to ensure healthy plant growth, yet preventing hot spots and other light- or heat-related damage.

Because of the complexities of growing medical and commercial grade marijuana, the legal cannabis industry will appreciate the advances Smart Grow has engineered into the entire grow system and specifically the GOLDENi. The patent-pending GOLDENi and GOLDENix LED grow lights also shorten the grow cycle while improving yields, making 5 and 6 harvests per year easier than ever. A major improvement over the typical blue- and red-dominated LED spectrum, Smart Grow’s Golden Glow and Baby Blue spectra have proven in vertical farm testing to deliver unsurpassed resin production and superior results.

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