Lighting Science Launches the L-Bar


Lighting Science has announced its latest innovation with the release of its high-performance linear lighting solution, the L-Bar. Delivering up to 4,500 lumens, the L-Bar is so powerful that one linear luminaire can replace a standard 2 foot by 4 foot fluorescent troffer, making it well suited for new commercial construction and for legacy fluorescent lighting replacement.

“This is the type of LED solution that people have been waiting for to finally make the switch from traditional fluorescents,” said Pete Rumsey, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Lighting Science. “The L-Bar costs 50 percent less than both traditional LED and legacy fluorescent solutions, while providing 150 lumens per watt. That’s pretty incredible performance for a lamp weighing in at a mere 19 ounces.”

Due to polymer construction, the L-Bar is easy to install and light-weight that it can be suspended or mounted directly to the ceiling, making it well suited solution for difficult-to-light spaces. Unlike traditional LED and legacy fluorescents, the problem-solving L-Bar is also wet-rated, making it the well suited luminaire for a broad range of commercial applications, including offices, medical facilities, schools and retail, as well as outdoor areas such as parking garages and stairwells.

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