Lumileds Expands Matrix Platform with High Efficacy Module for Outdoor Applications

Feb11_LUXEON-XR---TX-TopLumileds has introduced the new LUXEON XR-TX module, incorporating 12 LUXEON TX high-efficacy LEDs to produce 3,300 lumens and 140 lm/W at nominal drive conditions*. In a convenient rigid form factor, the modules are designed to be readily combined with third party lens plates and drivers to rapidly design and bring to market LED streetlights, tunnel lights and high/low bay fixtures. “Our Matrix Platform products eliminate the sourcing of LEDs, components, and connectors, and drastically reduce the design efforts behind luminaire development,” said Andrew Cohen, Product Manager of the Matrix Platform at Lumileds.

A further advantage to lighting manufacturers lies in the assembly process developed and used by Lumileds. “Using our proprietary pick-and-place system, customers can be assured of very tight control of flux, forward voltage and color specifications at the board level, compared to designing with individual LEDs, where accounting for variability is a greater challenge,” said Cohen. The LUXEON XR-TX modules are available in a variety of color temperatures suited for streetlight and high/low bay applications: 4,000K, 5,000K and 5,700K with a minimum CRI of 70. Each module features a metal-core PCB for best-in-class thermal conduction, screw holes for ease of mounting to heat sinks, and convenient poke-in connectors for electrical inputs. Multiple LUXEON XR-TX modules (up to seven) may be daisy chained to achieve an assortment of system configurations and necessary flux levels.

This new module is part of the Lumileds Matrix Platform of infinitely configurable LED boards, linear flex and modules featuring LUXEON LEDs. The Matrix Platform comes in both off-the-shelf and built-to-spec options, offering a virtually limitless range of solutions for any application.

For more information on the LUXEON XR-TX modules, see www.lumileds.com/LUXEONXRTX

*At nominal drive current of 700 mA, 85°C board temperature, and 4,000K/80CRI color. Boards can be driven at up to 1.05 A.

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