Molex Announces Brad M12 LED Machine Lights Kit

Brad_M12_LED_Lighting_KitMolex has introduced its Brad M12 LED Machine Lights Kit that bundles an LED light, mounting bracket and M12 cordset into one package, simplifying light maintenance and streamlining machine light replacement. Designed for shops, plants and industrial space requiring space and machine illumination, the quick and easy solutions can be ordered by a single part number.

“Ordering lighting system components from separate manufacturers and distributors adds complexity to the assembly and implementation processes,” said Randy Brandt, global product manager, Molex. “All the kits include our exclusive WSOR – weld slag/oil resistant – M12 cordsets which deliver IP67 sealing protection for harsh environments and eliminate costly, complicated hard-wiring.”

Three different Brad M12 LED Machine Lights Kits are available:  40mm, 70mm and LUMA Wide-Area.  The 40mm and 70mm versions include an M12 lighting assembly with four power options, 5m single-ended and 1m double-ended M12 cordsets, end and clip brackets, and an M12 closure cap. The LUMA Wide-Area kit includes a side-panel M12 interface with two power options, a pivoting arm mount, mounting bracket set and a 5m single-ended M12 cordset.

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