Osram Expands Automotive Portfolio with LEDs for ADB and Matrix Headlights

Osram_black_flatOsram Opto Semiconductors has launched the Oslon Black Flat S series, a surface mountable LEDs with up to five individually controllable chips, for use in ADB (adaptive driving beam) headlights.  Switchable light segments enable oncoming traffic and traffic further down the road to be masked out, making driving more comfortable and safer for the consumer. With improved thermal properties, these high-power LEDs offer system benefits and are suitable as an attractive entry-level ADB solution even for compact class vehicles. Osram’s 3-chip version in the Oslon Black Flat S series has been available since October 2016, and the versions with four and five chips will be available beginning January 2017.

Launching the Oslon Black Flat S series represents a significant expansion of Osram’s LED portfolio. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the light-emitting surface of these chips does not require a recess for contact with the bond wire and in return produces highly uniform light across its square format, making it easier to adapt the optics. The chips are individually controllable and offer very high contrast between neighboring chips making it 100 percent verifiable. These features enable oncoming traffic and traffic further ahead to be actively masked out with a high degree of contrast, allowing drivers to benefit from the optimum distribution of light on the road at all times.

“The Oslon Black Flat S series enables the benefits of adaptive matrix light to be offered not just on flagship models but also on cars in the entry-level and compact classes, providing greater safety and comfort for drivers”, said Sam Cribari, Product Marketing Manager at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

In addition to glare-free high beam, other adaptive LED front lighting functions, such as cornering light and city light, can be implemented with the Oslon Black Flat S without the need for any mechanical elements.

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