PointLED and Firefly E 1608: Bright LEDs Offer Design Flexibility for Fitness Tracking Wearables

OOS-402AwebThe new versions of the PointLED and Firefly LEDs are Osram Opto Semiconductors’ latest additions to its portfolio for use in wearables applications such as fitness tracking and health monitoring. Osram now offers its customers a greater selection of discrete products to supplement its line of integrated sensors. Thanks to their greater brightness, the PointLEDs in true green provide better signal performance and battery life than comparable solutions on the market.

The Firefly E 1608 in true green has similar performance and a smaller footprint than industry standard products. The Firefly E 1608 in hyper red has a special narrow-band wavelength range of approximately 660 nm, so it also offers optimized signal recognition. It is suitable for measuring oxygen levels in blood, while the true green Point LEDs are ideal for use in pulse monitors. Both color versions of the Firefly offer compact dimensions, giving customers greater flexibility in designing their products.

Osram Opto Semiconductors is launching two LEDs in true green and one version in hyper red as additions to the well-known PointLED and Firefly families. In true green, the PointLED offers greater brightness of 1800 to 2800 mcd at 20 mA. In fitness trackers, therefore, it provides an improved signal with a higher output compared with earlier versions. This means that it needs less energy to produce the same signal as its predecessors, which enables the battery to last about 50% longer.

“Thanks to the compact dimensions, much less space is needed on the board in the fitness tracker. This gives our customers greater flexibility in designing their mobile devices,” said Russell Willner, Product Manager, LEDs, at Osram Opto Semiconductors. In addition, the hyper red version at 660 nm has a special narrow-band wavelength range that is ideal for these applications. The true green version has a typical brightness of 1400 mcd and a wavelength of 525 nm. Both versions of the Firefly E 1608 have a small package of only 0.8 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.6 mm.

With the introduction of the new PointLED and Firefly E 1608, Osram Opto Semiconductors is offering more options for developing mobile devices such as fitness tracking wristbands. Customers can either produce their own designs or benefit from preconfigured integrated sensors such as the SFH 7050 from Osram’s Biofy family. “Choice is a huge benefit for our customers because wearables is a fast growing market where differentiated solutions are in demand,” added Willner.

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