Revolution Lighting Technologies Releases 10.5-Watt LED Lighting Tube Technology

Revolution Lighting Technologies has announced the availability of its latest and most efficient LED solution. At only 10.5 watts, the four-foot, T8 LED linear tube improves efficiency by up to 15 percent compared to its previous generation technology and other similar competing technologies. Lighting accounts for 25 percent of a building’s annual energy use, and the replacement of outdated and wasteful lighting technologies with the Company’s latest LED solutions can improve lighting efficiency by more than 68 percent.

“Revolution Lighting is the leading provider of high quality LED lighting solutions, staying ahead of the market in terms of technological adaptation,” said Robert V. LaPenta, CEO and Chairman of Revolution Lighting. “We continue to remain at the forefront, today introducing the most efficient LED linear tube that will continue to offer the most visible, positive impact for our customers and their businesses.”

The release of the Company’s latest and most advanced T8 single-end-power (SEP) LED Nano-Tube has been integrated with its cutting-edge “Nano” lens technology to ensure continued high quality light output (162 lumens per watt), at only 10.5 watts. Ideal for commercial, industrial & warehouse, education, healthcare, hospitality markets and more, Revolution Lighting’s LED tube is combined with a market leading ten-year warranty and 70,000 hour lamp life, which is three times greater than fluorescent lighting, delivering superior energy savings, significantly reduced lifetime maintenance costs and greater return on investment for customers.

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