Tempo Introduces pr1meFX LED Lighting System

Tempo-pr1meFXTempo Industries, LLC (Tempo) has launch the pr1meFX. This next generation linear LED system was designed to deliver over 85 percent of the light from a cove and provide the first level of general illumination to a space – indirectly.

pr1meFX was designed to alter the approach to general illumination. This meant reimagining how the luminaire should be designed to optimize performance, improve building infrastructure and deliver superior quality light. This patent-pending system directs over 85 percent of the light out of the cove allowing it to graze across the ceiling and down into the space and provide better quality light than downlights or troffers. The light delivered from pr1meFX is luminous and visually comfortable with no glare or shadows. “I am confident that this system will forever change the way lighting designers and architects think about delivering a more ideal first level of illumination to a space while at the same time improving the building infrastructure and increasing overall efficiency,” said Dennis Pearson, Chairman and CTO of Tempo.

Tempo has a consistent history of ‘firsts’ over the thirty-one years they have been designing and manufacturing solutions for the lighting industry. For example, Tempo pioneered the first configurable linear LED lighting platform called CLiPä which provides customers with extensive features and options to meet the most demanding application requirements. “pr1meFX is another Tempo first and with its ability to provide efficient indirect general illumination that is both discrete and effective, it has the power to be a real game-changer,” stated Terrence Walsh, President & CEO.

The pr1meFX system is well suited for new construction and existing coves. It will also be offered with a Tempo supplied architectural cove detail in a ‘knife edge’, ‘curved’ or ‘standard’ design after October 1, 2017. The system is shipped complete with a linear wall mount hanger assembly in 6 foot pre-drilled sections that easily attach to the infrastructure with Wall-dogsä. The luminaires are available in sections ranging from 2 to 8 feet in length and they simply “snap” onto the wall bracket and easily adapt to any cove length with integrated telescoping spacers. The system has a 5 or 8 watt per foot Micro-Drive system in either 120 or 277 volts producing over 100 lumens per watt. Dimming is achieved using a standard ELV dimmer or a 0-10v dimmer when equipped with the Tempo DIM-Z dimming system. Available with white LEDs of CCT (Color Correlated Temperature) ranges from 2,200 K to 4,000 K.

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