Warm Light for Spotlights and Downlights

Tridonic_SLE_G1_15mm_SUNSET_H_EXC_perspTridonic is expanding its range of dimmable LED modules for spotlights and downlights with the SLE SUNSET EXC. SUNSET’s light colour creates a particularly intimate atmosphere and comes very close to reproducing the familiar light of an incandescent lamp. SUNSET is the fourth member of the SLE EXC series following FOOD, ART and FASHION. It allows the manufacturer to showcase its expertise in special light spectra and special light colours on a COB (chip-on-board) basis.

COB series LED modules offer different light colours, which have been specially designed for specific areas of application. SUNSET, the latest member of the family, is mainly intended for use in the hospitality industry, the spa industry and the home environment. With a colour temperature of 2700 K, it offers a warm light similar to that from a light bulb, even in its undimmed state, and therefore provides a pleasant ambiance. When dimmed, the light provides an even cosier atmosphere. In addition, its dimming performance is equivalent to that of a light bulb. The light intensity and correlated colour temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2700 K to 1800 K when dimming from 100 % to 5 %. This makes it possible for  a sunset to be simulated as desired, or a candle light effect to be produced.

The new LED modules are available with different light emitting surfaces (LES) of 11 mm and 15 mm. The LES11 module typically reaches up to 1000 lumen and the LES15 2000 lumen. The SUNSET EXC variants are also available in a ZHAGA-compliant enclosure design. All modules combine high light quality with low colour tolerances, which correspond to the entire dimming range of MacAdam 3. A CRI of 90 indicates high colour quality.

The SLE SUNSET EXC LED modules have the same form factor as previous SLE modules and are specially conceived for the manufacturer’s own dimmable LED drivers PREMIUM, EXCITE and ADVANCED PC.

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