Juki Releases New RS-600 Six Zone Reflow Oven

May1_Juki-RS-600Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc. has announced the release of its new RS-600 Six Zone Air and Nitrogen Reflow Ovens.  The new model will greatly assist Juki in promoting its “Total Line Solutions” sales strategy into LED and OEM accounts.

The RS-600 reflow ovens offer the same feature set as the larger 8- and 10-zone ovens, such as; a top and bottom Independent Air Velocity Controlling System that allows for flexible processing control to easily handle complicated lead-free soldering requirements, a four way air recycling system in each zone, and an efficient power design and air management system that greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions. In addition, as with the larger ovens, the 6-zone oven has a total heated length very similar to other ovens that are 7-, 8-, and even 9-zones.

As an added benefit, Juki is now including KIC AFP (Auto-Focus Power) as a standard feature on its line of reflow ovens.  AFP gives the ‘Best First Guess’ when setting up a new product. To set up the Juki oven for a new PCB, the technician simply inputs the PCB length, width, and weight and the AFP software will take it from there by using a built in library of profiles and oven specifications.  Once the information is provided AFP will suggest a recipe for the new PCB, reducing the need for profiling new products thus saving time and money.  The suggested oven recipe seeks to put the PCB profile in the sweet spot of the process.  In addition, the oven settings can lead to lower electricity use.  It does not matter which profiler you are already using but it is possible to grow the library using a KIC profiler (X5, SlimKIC 2000 and KIC Explorer). Juki is now a reseller for KIC products.

For more information about Juki Automation Systems, visit www.jukiamericas.com.

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