LED Company Selects ClassOne’s Solstice Electroplating System

Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ClassOne Technology has announced the purchase of its Solstice S8 electroplating system by one of the leading LED manufacturers.

“The unique flexibility and process control of the Solstice electroplating system were particularly important factors in addressing this customer’s needs,” said Kevin Witt, Chief Technology Officer of ClassOne Technology. “The fully-automated 8-chamber Solstice gives users the ability to process multiple wafer sizes at the same time on a single tool. ClassOne’s distinctive design allows the chambers to be changed very quickly and easily. In addition, Solstice can provide a high degree of whole-process control, enabling close monitoring of such parameters as film stress.”

“ClassOne’s level of support for the tool in Europe was another significant factor in making the sale,” said Byron Exarcos, President of ClassOne Technology. “At this installation we will be providing not only product service but also ongoing process development assistance. We’re proud that Solstice was selected to help produce some of the most advanced next-generation LED products on the planet.”

Solstice systems are designed to provide high-performance electroplating on ≤200mm wafers at a very reasonable cost. Because of their improved performance/price ratio — as well as their ability to handle smaller substrates — Solstice plating tools have become very popular in emerging markets such as LED, MEMS, RF, power and sensors. ClassOne’s electroplaters allow users to deposit a broad range of metals and alloys on both opaque and transparent substrates. The Solstice systems are available in fully-automated, 75-wph, 4- and 8-chamber configurations — as well as a smaller, semi-automated tool for process development.

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