TSLC Releases High Power IR LED Package Solution

April7_C3535X-FNFsTaiwan Semiconductor Lighting Company (TSLC) is the first 8-inch AIN substrate LED package manufacturer to undertake packaging based on hybrid technology for wavelengths ranging from invisible short wavelength UV lights to visible lights with long wavelengths including blue, green, red and IR. Most TSLC products are packaged on ceramic substrates, and the company also has control over different ceramic substrate layout technology.

For IR products, TSLC’s 3535 LED package WPE is more than 30 percent under currents of 1A. This highly efficient component that uses ceramic package technology has the advantages of high reliability, high emission power, and long life time. This is the foundation for a highly reliable surveillance system, and can also lower system costs, while fully displaying CCTV product features.

Aside from standard packaging components, TSLC also provides OEM and customized services to meet client demands for different LED chip array. The company is targeting niche markets with stable profit performances, and emphasizes its core value is to provide clients services they need.

More information please refer to the TSLC official website: www.tslc.com.tw.

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