Pixelligent Launches PixClear Light Extraction Materials for OLED Lighting

Aug5_PixelligentPixelligent Technologies has announced the addition of four new OLED lighting products to its PixClear Zirconia nanocrystal family. These new products will deliver improved light extraction and efficiency for a wide variety of OLED Lighting applications.

“Our new family of high index products for OLED lighting expands upon Pixelligent’s leadership position in the solid state lighting market, and we believe it will help accelerate the adoption of OLED lighting,” said Craig Bandes, president and CEO of Pixelligent. The new PixClear for OLED products can be incorporated into OLED lighting panels as an internal light extraction and smoothing layer, delivering more than twice the amount of light currently extracted in OLED lighting devices. The product line includes two solvent-based and two formulated materials, available both as samples and at commercial scale. “The OLED Lighting market is ripe for accelerated growth and broad-user adoption and Pixelligent is delivering the functionality required to help OLED lighting manufacturers deliver substantially more lumens-per-watt,” added Bandes.

PixClear for OLED products can be ordered online at http://www.pixelligent.com/products/.

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