Proto Labs, Inc. Launches Two New Quick Turn Injection Molding Processes

Proto Labs, Inc. has announced that product designers can now order liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and metal injection molded (MIM) parts as a standard option under its Proto mold injection molding service.

Utilizing the same approach that revolutionized plastic injection molding, Proto Labs has applied its proprietary technology to these new processes, making short run liquid silicone rubber and metal injection molded stainless steel parts available faster than ever before.

Liquid silicone rubber is a thermoset engineering material that is particularly suitable for applications in medical, electronics and consumer products industries. Metal injection molding is a mature, established manufacturing process for molding relatively small metal parts, used frequently in medical, electronics and automotive industries.

“Over the past year, our research and development program has quickly advanced liquid silicone rubber molding and metal injection molding with the quality and quick  turnaround that is the trademark of Proto Labs. I’m excited to begin my tenure at Proto Labs with the launch of these new molding processes to our customers. Incorporating LSR and MIM into our existing list of materials allows current and future customers more diversity in prototyping and small volume manufacturing something every product developer focused on taking products from idea to market faster can appreciate,” said Vicki Holt, president and CEO, Proto Labs.

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