White Paper Highlights “Opportunities for Sapphire”

Rubicon Technology, Inc. has published a new white paper that examines markets that leverage the highly versatile material, sapphire.  “Opportunities for Sapphire,” based on research from IMS Research, takes an in-depth look at the demand for sapphire in key markets.

Sapphire has emerged as a versatile material in a range of industries for many varied applications.  Sapphire’s inherent physical attributes for durability, light transmission, chemical inertness and thermal insulation make it desirable for many markets for applications in LEDs, optical windows, lenses and covers and semiconductor applications in smart phones and other consumer devices.

“At the moment, these advantages are critical,” said white paper author Jamie Fox of IMS Research.  “Every LED company we spoke to during the research for this paper purchases sapphire and benefits from the superior yields and quality.  Substrate demand in 2012 is estimated at 42 million two-inch equivalent wafers (TIE) and expected to grow to 57 million TIE in 2013 according to market research firm Displaybank.  As the lighting market grows into a more significant segment and larger, thicker wafers are utilized, sapphire demand will accelerate.”

Opportunities for Sapphire” discusses the role of sapphire in LED production, the emergence of large diameter sapphire wafers and sapphire demand by application.  In addition, the white paper discusses emerging markets for sapphire including use as a substrate for RFICs (radio frequency integrated circuits) and its use in optical and industrial markets for lenses, sensors and power devices.

“Sapphire’s exceptional physical and optical qualities offer many benefits for a wide range of applications from the high growth LED lighting market to emerging markets for semiconductor and optical applications,” said Raja M. Parvez, president and CEO of Rubicon Technology. “Rubicon has been the driving force in sapphire innovation, and we are working with our customers in existing and emerging markets to develop new sapphire processes and products to meet their needs.”

The complete white paper can be downloaded here.

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