Design and Development Help for Lighting Products and Solutions

Designing LED light sources with optoelectronic components sometimes seems like rocket science as there is a wide variety of products to choose from, all with different parameters. Technical information can be found in catalogs or on websites, but what to do if a question comes up? More than 40 years of experience makes OSRAM Opto Semiconductors an expert in the LED industry.

This expertise enables the company to provide valuable support to customers looking to develop the most suitable lighting solution.

The basics – Application notes and product datasheets are the basic information for any product. OSRAM has now put an end to checking and copying down values from LED data sheets by establishing an online portal known as the LED Information Base (LIB). The LIB online tool is designed for selecting LEDs for applications in the automotive, industry, consumer and general illumination sectors. Users can very easily find suitable components and then obtain the specifications in digital form that they will need for their design projects.

Professional Application Support – OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Premium Application Support Services (PASS) offers commercial businesses access to application engineering expertise, resources and lab services to support lighting engineers in designing projects of all sizes. PASS can help engineers any time during the design phase.

PASS covers services for prototyping, system metrology, LED component data and design simulation.

Professional Specialist Network -  During the past eight years LED Light for you (LLFY) has become a well-established network of certified OSRAM Opto Semiconductors partners specializing in the key disciplines of optical, thermal, electrical and system design. LED Light for you is intended for companies and professionals who want to realize LED projects for general lighting, such as designers, architects and lighting and luminaire manufacturers. The key purpose of the network is to help customers connect with certified industry experts and to implement and optimize LED designs and systems. When potential customers have a vision or a detailed idea for a lighting project they can find experienced partners at LLFY who will support them in bringing their LED-project to completion. The LED Light for you partners offer high quality solutions, either individual or standardized.

LLFY and PASS –  With this combination and a number of service tools Osram Opto Semiconductors offers a complete chain of services. Customers can take advantage of these services at any stage, any time, and as much as they need. It’s an efficient opportunity to accelerate product development or project launch and to minimize the many risks, which may occur in the product/project development process.

LLFY Network | PASS | LIB Database

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