Lambda Research Announces Release of TracePro Version 7.5

Lambda Research Corp has announced the current release of the latest version of its flagship TracePro software.

TracePro v7.5 includes robust enhancements that further strengthen the tool’s unique features,  such as a new generation of the Texture Optimizer with an improved interface, 10 new patterns for the RepTile (Repetitive Tile) Texture utility, multiple 3D Interactive Optimizer advancements,  superior Photorealistic Rendering, and an added Group Node icon in the Model Tree.

Additionally, TracePro v7.5 includes three new features for modeling light scattered from surfaces: one-dimensional (1D) scattering models for surfaces that scatter strongly in only one plane, like brushed or machined surfaces; a database of Scatter Models with its own Editor that can be used with Surface Property Models; and the ability to combine two or more scatter models from the new database into one surface property. The latter capability is useful for modeling surfaces that have a mix of 1D and two-dimensional (2D) scatter, or for fitting measured data using more two or more mathematical models added together.

Beginning with TracePro v7.5, updates are completely automatic, making it easier for customers to upgrade to the latest TracePro release. Lastly, new users seeking to do a free 30-day trial of TracePro will find the software extremely simple to install.

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