Can a Cree LED Outlast the Sun?

Redefining Industry Standards: The Future of LED Technology
By Paul Scheidt | Product Marketing Manager | Cree

For many years, a typical shopping list included common commodities such as paper towels, dish soap, and of course – light bulbs. Over the last 30 years at Cree, we have researched, tested and developed new technologies in order to change the consumer mindset to consider lighting purchases in a new way. In fact, Cree has played a crucial role in working towards a total light bulb transformation: evolving light bulbs from a replaceable, unreliable commodity to a durable, long-lasting consumer good.

And we continue to reshape the outdated perceptions of lighting through our commitment to a continuous cycle of innovation and disruption. We are always working to set new standards and test the conventional limits of LED technology.

Here’s one example of the innovation cycle at work: Cree recently set a new industry benchmark for LED sustainability and durability. We have now compiled 18,000 hours, or two years’ worth, of LM-80 test data on the XLamp XT-E LED. IES LM-80 is a standard industry procedure used to measure the lumen depreciation of solid-state lighting sources such as LED packages, modules and arrays. The IES TM-21 standard lumen maintenance projections for this data give Cree’s XLamp XT-E LED a reported L96 lifetime over 100,000 hours, which means there is only 4% lumen loss after 10+ years of continuous operation. This incredible achievement isn’t just the best TM-21 reported lifetime, it’s also the best result for any artificial light source, period.

How were we able to reach these results and produce the best artificial light source ever created? Cree performs more in-house LM-80 testing than any other LED manufacturer. Rather than rest on our laurels, we take the lessons learned in every test result and use the findings to improve our designs. And then we test again. The combination of our high-quality manufacturing process and highest-quality materials and components mean customers can rest assured they are purchasing the best products on the market.

So why does this matter for our customers? Certainly, it provides a vital proof point that LEDs deliver longer lifetimes than any other artificial light source, as we have known for some time. It also shows that Cree continues to deliver on the promise of durability and sustainability. Streetlights using Cree LEDs can last for a generation and household lighting using Cree LEDs could outlive most people! Long lasting lights save lots of money through energy efficiency, plus a reduction in replacing unreliable light sources. Rather than go through hundreds of light bulbs in a lifetime that will ultimately end up in a landfill, Cree’s durable LED technology helps everyone be planet-friendly without compromising their lighting experience.

The days of viewing our light sources as unreliable and commonplace commodities are long gone. At Cree, we are never satisfied with where we’re at – there is always room for growth, a new path to explore, or a technology that’s waiting to be discovered. Our passion for innovation has defined Cree for the past 30 years and will continue to push us into the future.


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