New Fulham European Brochure on LED Drivers, Modules, and Emergency


Underlining the crucial role that LED plays today in the lighting market, the majority of the new brochure is devoted to Fulham’s wide collection of LED drivers, modules and emergency solutions. Here there are programmable drivers for both indoor and outdoor luminaires; a whole range of constant current and constant voltage drivers; Fulham’s LumoSeries drivers with the lowest inrush current in the industry; and a set of LED modules plus a pairing guide to show which drivers are suitable for which modules. Fulham has also recently teamed up with Tvilight to offer fully programmable wireless LED systems and these are included too.

Also covered in the brochure is Fulham’s HotSpot Plus combined emergency solution of LED driver, self-test emergency driver and replaceable battery in one easy-to-install compact unit, eliminating the cost and need for separate components.

To cater for the many other lighting technologies, the brochure also includes product information on Fulham’s comprehensive range of fluorescent electronic ballasts, UV/ tanning electronic ballasts, and electronic transformers.

Also included are details of Fulham’s custom solutions available to lighting manufacturers. LED modules, LED drivers, ballasts and assemblies can all be built to customer electrical specifications, made in different shapes and sizes and with custom wiring harnesses. They can be private branded too.

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