OLED Devices Launched to Address Growing Consumer Demand for OLED Lighting

News_logo2OLED Devices will officially launch during LIGHTFAIR International 2017.  OLED Devices will address the significant consumer demand for premier OLED lighting solutions.

OLED lighting is still a relatively new technology to the lighting industry, but in terms of efficiency and sustainability, they are primed to be far superior to conventional lighting solutions.  With OLEDs, light is naturally diffused across a panel rather than harsh piercing points of light, benefiting both the end user and overall energy consumption.

“The OLED market is tangible and growing at rapid rates in both the commercial and consumer lighting markets.  OLEDs are following LEDs in setting new standards in areas of efficiency and energy savings, but are introducing a new way in how we think about light,” said Michael Minor, President of OLED Devices. “With the launch of OLED Devices, we are excited to be part of that paradigm shift in the way consumers are viewing and using light in their daily lives.”

OLED Devices is poised to help guide the market-wide adoption of OLEDs in areas such as residential and consumer lighting.

As part of its launch, OLED Devices will roll out its flagship product, the OLED Ascend desk lamp. The Ascend lamp is inspired by cutting edge OLED lighting technology, but designed for simplicity of form and function with a touch sensor for three levels of dimming.  Additionally, this innovative lamp will not only feature OLEDWorks’ Brite 1 OLED panel, but will be the first commercialized product to feature OLEDWorks’ Keuka module, which showcases OLED’s thinness while simultaneously incorporating an integrated driver which can dim to 25 percent.   The Ascend desk lamp will be available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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