Panasonic Lighting Americas Reveals New Products at LIGHTFAIR

Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc. will reveal new products and industry innovations during the LIGHTFAIR International trade show in San Diego on April 26–28, 2016.

At the conference, Panasonic Lighting Americas will showcase a full line of solutions-focused products including its brands’ newest generation of EVERLINE retrofit solutions, module and “smart” driver products, as well as Dialog controls and smart building solutions.

“We’re proud to have an established presence at the LIGHTFAIR Conference and to have the opportunity to share Panasonic’s latest smart building innovations with our industry peers,” said Bill Brosius, vice president of product management at Universal Lighting Technologies.

Panasonic Lighting Americas will be exhibiting its newest product developments at booth number 4637. The product showcase will include:

DLC Bluetooth Wireless Fixture Controller and Sensor
The Bluetooth Wireless Fixture Controller and Sensor from Douglas Lighting Controls is a fixture mounted, dual technology sensor for new and existing vapor tight linear fixtures. In parking garage applications, the fixture uses its Closed Loop Control dimming to complement natural daylight to reduce electricity costs. It features an integrated 360° Occupancy PIR and Bluetooth wireless detection and Daylight sensor, 0 to 10V dimming control, and bi-level set points for low level and high level lighting that is occupancy dependent. The device can be configured with a smartphone app using Bluetooth wireless communication.

EVERLINE LED Parking Garage Luminaire
The EVERLINE LED Parking Garage Luminaire from Universal Lighting Technologies is designed with optional occupancy sensor and emergency battery pack for maximum durability, flexibility and energy efficiency. The powder-coated extruded aluminum housing is fitted with a gasketed module and hinged door giving it an IP66 rating and excellent weather-ability. Multiple installations, finishes and voltage options are also available. In addition to its durable and flexible design, the luminaire has three optical distributions for precise light control and several CCT options for area illumination.

Universal Lighting Technologies’ EVERLINE PA Series LED Driver boasts a full range of programmability, integration and control features. Using radio frequency identification wireless programming or two-wire digital interface, the PA Series Driver can program output currents and configure dim curve output, including dim to dark and relative dimming. Its single control interface supports 0–10V Dimming plus a digital protocol for wireless controls. The PA Series also offers Thermal Foldback and LED set compatibility to protect the fixture components from excess heat and optimize the module operating current.

For more information on LIGHTFAIR International, visit www.LIGHTFAIR.com.

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