Xicato and LumiFi Partner for Multivendor Lighting Control

News_logo2Xicato, an established manufacturer and thought leader in intelligent, connected light sources, has announced its partnership with LumiFi, a wireless lighting control management platform integrating third party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers, across multiple wireless protocols, into one seamless lighting experience.

LumiFi offers a simple, scalable, app or web-based control interface capable of controlling lighting systems from multiple vendors, in multiple locations, taking advantage of the individual capabilities of each system. Its award-winning intuitive mobile interface can be customized in appearance and tailored in functionality according to the project type. LumiFi’s web management platform provides a central project and light management portal, including analytics, and its cloud hosting offers sharing of project and profile settings across multiple user roles, permissions or profile authorization codes.

“LumiFi has a very well-thought-out interface that simplifies the management of large numbers of lights, particularly in installations such as a hotel where there are common configurations between rooms, floors, and buildings,” commented Jay Shuler, Director of Product Marketing for Xicato. “Using templates and common scenes, LumiFi can make a single change that applies to all instances of, say, corridor lighting in one or more hotel facilities. This makes it highly scalable from both a commissioning and management standpoint.”

With the availability of the Xicato Intelligent Gateway, LumiFi software is now able to provide real-time lighting control and monitoring of XIM Gen4 devices, exercising the full capabilities of the XIG through the XIG HTTP interface.

“Development to the Xicato interface was very simple and straight-forward, and took just two weeks,” said Beatrice Witzgall, Founder and CEO of LumiFi. “LumiFi can now control and monitor Xicato lighting as part of an overall lighting install, through a single, centralized control interface.”

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