January 2013

  • 2013 -New Year, New Possibilities for LEDs
  • Avoiding LED Glare Bombs
  • Scientists Mimic Fireflies to Make Brighter LEDs
  • Cree Reaches Industry Milestone with 200 Lumen-Per-Watt LED
  • New 3A, Automotive Constant-Current LED Driver
  • GlacialPower Announces a Series of Dimmable LED Drivers
  • Connector Solves Issues in Edison-Replacement LED Bulbs
  • Rambus Introduces LED Light Bulb
  • SWITCH Lighting Debuts 3-Way LED Bulb
  • Cree Launches Driver Compatibility Program for LED Modules
  • Digital Lumens Reports Strong Growth Closing Out 2012
  • DOE Releases CALiPER 2012 Year in Review

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